5 things to buy in zurich


If visiting Zürich you could only buy five things what they will be? I made my choice.


1] vintage and antique books
EOS Buchantiquariat Benz _ Kirchgasse 17 _ +41 44 261 57 50
There are so many nice bookshops in Zürich, but this one looks like a treasure chest.


2] chocolate pastries (and more yummy delicacies)
Sprüngli _ Bahnhofstrasse 21 _ +41 44 224 46 46
Ok, this definitely isn’t a secret address but at least a little something sweet from this traditional café is a must. If the weather is not so sunny to sit outside, try to find a place on the beautiful dining room on the first floor.


3] moustaches (and beards)
Perüken Haar M _ Langstrasse 195 _ +41 44 271 51 15
Moustaches are last years absolute hipster trend: if you can’t grow them than fake’em.


4] edelweiss and other beautiful flowers
Blumen Fitze _ Augustinergasse 20 _ +41 44 221 21 61
Lovely fluffy flowers…. I just wonder once taken home how long they may survive on a city apartment.


5] lace and embroideries
Spitzenhaus Degiacomi _ Börsenstrasse 14 _ +41 44 211 55 76
This is seriously one of my favourite shops in Zürich: the lady owner is so nice and helpful and I’m totally in love with all the lace and embroidery stuff with a vintage/mountain feel.


…and then of course there are a lot more things you can buy, but just be careful as shopping in Zürich could be expensive as hell.

Before leaving I was searching through blogs for some tips about the must-see places and I stumbled upon this nice guide by Design Sponge: it dates back to 2009 but I wasn’t able to find anything much more recent online. Anyways once you get there I recommend you a very useful free little guide called “Check Out Zurich: 81 tips by young locals”, which I spotted on the last floor at Hiltl (another place you shouldn’t be missing… I ate there two times in two days and I was longing for more :) )

//images: Littlelulu