mountain flower


I love this spiky mountain flower and its colors that form a stunning green / silver / lilac gradient.

Its botanical name is Eryngium alpinum but it is commonly called “the queen of the Alps”. It grows spontaneous but it is also often used as an ornamental plant: I saw it more than once decorating the graves of some alpine guides.


Danta di Cadore / Sappada

//images: Littlelulu

living moodboards


Casually (?!) arranged things on some mountain villages corners.


Padola / Laggio di Cadore

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hello there


It is almost a week since I came back from the mountains: as I imagined no wi-fi connections around (and I must admit I didn’t miss it at all: holidays must be holidays after all!)

A few posts with the mountain tag are coming soon: I still have to arrange some pictures as the coming back was a little busy…


…and me a bit lazy.


Padola_Comelico Superiore

And what about you? Are you back from holidays? …or maybe you have to leave yet?

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closed for holidays


Paris_La Defence

When you’ll read this post I will have already left Paris and I’ll be breathing the crisp, clean air of Tirol’s mountains: Innsbruck will be my first stop. Then if you click on the mountain tag you’ll see what it will be all about.

This time my internet connection won’t probably follow me on my summer holidays: at best I may be posting a couple of times, if  I’ll ever be able to find a wi-fi connection :) …

Anyway I’ll see you back at the end of august! Enjoy your summer!

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monet’s church


Still in Giverny: the church of Sainte Radegonde hosts the little cemetery were Claude Monet and his family are buried. The rain made it look even more melancholic.


The interior of the Romanesque church is beautifully simple: here below a close-up of a wall painting and the statues of Saint Quentin and Saint Louis d’Anjou.


Giverny_Cimetière de Giverny / Eglise Sainte Radegonde

//images: Littlelulu

giverny is a living painting


I went to visit the village that became famous as the location of Claude Monet’s garden and home on a rainy day of summer a couple of years ago. Then this post has been procrastinated for so long because I couldn’t choose between the thousand of pictures I took there: everything in this place is so aesthetic that it looks like a photographic setting,


it really breathes art and beauty.

I was invited by a parisian girl I just met the day before to join her and an art-loving couple of friends for a birthday-surprise picnic in Giverny: isn’t this more than welcoming after just a month in Paris? We shared this wonderful day (the rain didn’t bother us much) and became friends: I feel so lucky to have met such great people here :)


These below are some corners of the Clos Normand, Monet’s garden.


I really can’t imagine how much gardening work it may demand keeping all these plants and flowers in such perfect condition.


The Water Garden host the famous water lilies that are captured on so many Monet’s paintings.


Walking through Monet’s house and garden made us feel like we were becoming part of an impressionist artwork,


then on the way back home we realized how even the little streets around the village are invaded by flamboyant flowers: there must be some magic going on in Giverny.


//images: Littlelulu