One of the things I most like about Paris is that there are times you don’t feel like you’re in Paris


…but luckily you are.


Paris_around Radio France ant the Pont de Grenelle_16ème

*change of scene / disorientation

//images: Littlelulu


poppies under the rain



Rainy morning today in Paris… I took this pictures back in 2011 on a day just like this in Giverny, a place that can be described as a flowers paradise. If you’re curious about this village situated in the north of France (not far from Paris at all) be sure to follow up as next week I’ll be posting some more.

Have a nice weekend!

//images: Littlelulu

lazy and hot


Paris_Parc de Belleville_20ème / Jardin Catherine Labouré_7ème

It is now official: after the longest winter ever, hot summer has arrived even in Paris (temperatures are expected to reach 30° and more throughout this week).

//images: Littlelulu

bye bye zurich


Zürich_bretzels for breakfast on the Bahnofstrasse_district 1

So that’s it for now, but there will be more swiss stuff coming soon :) … This was my second time in Zürich and I hope to visit it again soon as I’d like to explore more of the not-so-touristy and more urban districts.

I’m always more in love with Switzerland and I’m constantly seeking for advice on its cities and other places to see: if you have any please, please post it on the comments below as I’m looking forward to hear from you!

In the meantime here I found a little swiss/german phrasebook that may come useful if you plan to visit the german-speaking part of Switzerland…

//image: Littlelulu