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Hello everyone,

I wish a very happy Christmas to all of you and I hope to keep posting throughout the upcoming holydays but much will depend on my internet connection… I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon!

//images: Littlelulu 

illustrators weekend



Hello everyone,

how was your last weekend?
Mine was great: I’ve seen my friends, gone to the movies, spent a whole night at a house party and attended a cycle of conferences by eight (!) different illustrators at the Pictoplasma Festival at la Gaité Lyrique.

I saw artists Yves Geleyn, Geneviève Gauckler, Motomichi Nakamura, Amandine Urruty, Pic Pic André (duo S.Aubier et V.Patar), Rilla Alexander, Raymond Lemstra, Shoboshobo presenting their projects and sharing their inspirations and it was so interesting to me to discover the process of other illustrators work!

Their honest and sometimes timid speech left me with a lot of energy and positive feelings and even surprised me when it made me realize that even the coolest ones have to deal with personal insecurities and fragilities and the hard times that sometimes occur in the illustrator’s life… This may sound silly but there are days when working all by oneself can lead you to feel isolated with your own feelings and even for me it is sometimes easy to forget about all the struggle and days (and nights) of work that bring to the final artwork: perhaps just a single simple illustration or a few seconds animation on a tv-ad movie.


I really wish now to carry all this energy and newfound consciousness in my upcoming new projects!

//images: Littlelulu  (1: bar du foyer historique at the 4th floor of La Gaité Lyrique, 2: Pictoplasma flyer and other stuff on my work table)