homes sweet homes



One of the things I like the most is taking a peek into other people’s homes, and the London front doors and windows are so rich of details… with just a quick overview from the outside you can play guessing games about what it would look like inside or about the people who lives in there


from the the monothematic to the eclectic


to the trend of color coordination that I spotted in the stylish Portobello area


as green on green


and pink on pink.

//images: Littlelulu

carnia corners


A few corners of some small quiet villages between the mountains of Carnia.


It is not the first time I visit these villages in the summer as I’m in love with their simplicity and vintage feel: you may have already seen a few pictures I posted here and here (actually I just realized I already photographed and posted the picture of the same board here above!)


What I most love about Carnia is its rustic vibe: almost no hotels around in its tiny villages, but I discovered that you can book your staying in a proper local home through the Albergo Diffuso (Scattered Hotel)


Comeglians / Maranzanis / Povolaro_Carnia

//images: Littlelulu

mountain flower


I love this spiky mountain flower and its colors that form a stunning green / silver / lilac gradient.

Its botanical name is Eryngium alpinum but it is commonly called “the queen of the Alps”. It grows spontaneous but it is also often used as an ornamental plant: I saw it more than once decorating the graves of some alpine guides.


Danta di Cadore / Sappada

//images: Littlelulu

giverny is a living painting


I went to visit the village that became famous as the location of Claude Monet’s garden and home on a rainy day of summer a couple of years ago. Then this post has been procrastinated for so long because I couldn’t choose between the thousand of pictures I took there: everything in this place is so aesthetic that it looks like a photographic setting,


it really breathes art and beauty.

I was invited by a parisian girl I just met the day before to join her and an art-loving couple of friends for a birthday-surprise picnic in Giverny: isn’t this more than welcoming after just a month in Paris? We shared this wonderful day (the rain didn’t bother us much) and became friends: I feel so lucky to have met such great people here :)


These below are some corners of the Clos Normand, Monet’s garden.


I really can’t imagine how much gardening work it may demand keeping all these plants and flowers in such perfect condition.


The Water Garden host the famous water lilies that are captured on so many Monet’s paintings.


Walking through Monet’s house and garden made us feel like we were becoming part of an impressionist artwork,


then on the way back home we realized how even the little streets around the village are invaded by flamboyant flowers: there must be some magic going on in Giverny.


//images: Littlelulu

poppies under the rain



Rainy morning today in Paris… I took this pictures back in 2011 on a day just like this in Giverny, a place that can be described as a flowers paradise. If you’re curious about this village situated in the north of France (not far from Paris at all) be sure to follow up as next week I’ll be posting some more.

Have a nice weekend!

//images: Littlelulu

a stroll along the zurichsee


Of course we are in Zürich: with 4.- chf you can enter the peaceful oasis of the China Garden and watch from under the pagodas the pollen of the trees floating on the breeze and the koi fish swimming quietly just above the water surface, as in a perfect coreography. Than back to the Zürich lake, for free (drinks not included).


Zürich_Seefeld_district 8

//images: Littlelulu

5 things to buy in zurich


If visiting Zürich you could only buy five things what they will be? I made my choice.


1] vintage and antique books
EOS Buchantiquariat Benz _ Kirchgasse 17 _ +41 44 261 57 50
There are so many nice bookshops in Zürich, but this one looks like a treasure chest.


2] chocolate pastries (and more yummy delicacies)
Sprüngli _ Bahnhofstrasse 21 _ +41 44 224 46 46
Ok, this definitely isn’t a secret address but at least a little something sweet from this traditional café is a must. If the weather is not so sunny to sit outside, try to find a place on the beautiful dining room on the first floor.


3] moustaches (and beards)
Perüken Haar M _ Langstrasse 195 _ +41 44 271 51 15
Moustaches are last years absolute hipster trend: if you can’t grow them than fake’em.


4] edelweiss and other beautiful flowers
Blumen Fitze _ Augustinergasse 20 _ +41 44 221 21 61
Lovely fluffy flowers…. I just wonder once taken home how long they may survive on a city apartment.


5] lace and embroideries
Spitzenhaus Degiacomi _ Börsenstrasse 14 _ +41 44 211 55 76
This is seriously one of my favourite shops in Zürich: the lady owner is so nice and helpful and I’m totally in love with all the lace and embroidery stuff with a vintage/mountain feel.


…and then of course there are a lot more things you can buy, but just be careful as shopping in Zürich could be expensive as hell.

Before leaving I was searching through blogs for some tips about the must-see places and I stumbled upon this nice guide by Design Sponge: it dates back to 2009 but I wasn’t able to find anything much more recent online. Anyways once you get there I recommend you a very useful free little guide called “Check Out Zurich: 81 tips by young locals”, which I spotted on the last floor at Hiltl (another place you shouldn’t be missing… I ate there two times in two days and I was longing for more :) )

//images: Littlelulu