bright and bold



I definitely own too many magazines.

Sometimes I try to get rid of them to clear some space on the bookshelves but most of the time after a flick through their pages they’re coming back there straight away.

Same happened today.

This is part of my collection of The Face, the british pop culture not-so-politically correct magazine that ruled in the nineties and promoted the work of so many talented photographers and stylists.

I used to love its bright, colourful and bold graphics and its close relation with UK young popular culture, now I don’t constantly read so many british magazines anymore…

What about you? Which one is (or was) your favorite magazine?

//1 Macaulay Culkin turned bad-boy shot by Terry Richardson [ n.69 november 2002 ] //2 colophon [ n.39 april 2000 issue ] _ //3 bold graphics for an issue dedicated to Jarvis Cocker back on middle nineties [ n.82 july 1995 ] _ //4 fashion issue | styling Katie Grand and photos by Mert Atlas + Marcus Piggot [ n.44 september 2000 ] //5 the more recent that I found is this one, which I guess is also the last number [ n.87 april 2004 ] //6 Futurama cover [ n.33 october 1999 ]

//images: Littlelulu