zurich in colours


This trip was focused on relaxing so I lazily moved mostly around the town center (district 1). After checking the meteo to pack my bags I was really worried about the weather, but luckily aside a rainy day we definitely got some sun: the city and its lake were bursting with colours.


Zürich_Lindenhof_district 1

Not far from the center, the area that begins just below the train station, when you follow the tunnel that brings to the Langstrasse, has definitely a more urban and multicultural feel. Langstrasse connects the two districts I’d love to explore more the next time I’ll visit Zürich.


Zürich_Langstrasse_district 5/4
The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new. S.Beckett’


Zürich_City_district 1

//images: Littlelulu