père lachaise blues


After almost a year I went visiting the Père Lachaise Cemetery back again the last two following weekends


my advice is to forget the maps and to simply get lost following your own path


…and don’t be afraid to miss Jim Morrison’s grave: it is one of the easiest to find as there is always a “happening” going on. Or you may also follow people bringing bottles and weirdos.


Paris_Cimetière du Père Lachaise_20ème

Asking your opinion: it may sound a little creepy but I’m thinking about adding a new “cemeteries” tag as I have a few posts on this subject… what do you think about it?

//images: Littlelulu


7 thoughts on “père lachaise blues

  1. Just wow, I consider this cemetery art by the pics I’ve seen so far here and there, and I can’t wait to visit it myself, finally, when I go to Paris next month!

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